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This site is dedicated to "Decauville" Railways and other "Two-footers" (600/609 mm gauge)


The nameplate for the Decauville Factory. Isn't it beautiful?

Hi, my name is Georg Strømsholt, born in Denmark 1942.

I live in Sweden where they had 7 narrow gauge (600 mm) passenger railways and 20 industrial and private railways.

And this is how it started

One day in september 2009 I was surfing on the internet and I saw a website: for The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Mariefred where they have a beautiful and very unique collection of rolling stock from the seven passenger railways. In fact I was sold to 600mm narrow gauge. The "Narrow Gauge Virus" has infected my heart and soul in a way that there will be no cure. I bought Lennart Welanders book about Jönköping-Gripenbergs Railway (J.G.J.)



Price for the JGJ book is SEK 285 including postage

Well illustrated, bound in hardcover, the new supplement is included.
A 20-page summary in ENGLISH of the JGJ book may be supplied at no extra cost. This contains a brief historical summary, three pages of detailed translations of all important picture captions (including extra data), and 17 pages of Swedish-English glossary. The summary may also be sent via e-mail as a Word-format enclosure and thus becomes an excellent aid to translating parts of the book into English! This free offer also applies to any foreign book order placed with us on the Railway!


After reading the book in december 2009, I became convinced about 600mm narrow gauge as my future hobby. I decided to start somewhere and since 15th january 2010 I have been very busy to create my website for likeminded people.

The book is highly recommendable.

Since I was a little boy, I dreamed about to get my own small model railway. Now that I am retired I want to use some time for this wonderful hobby. I regard myself as a beginner model engineer, and it is a big challenge for me because I want to build from scratch.

My personal attention is on the building scale known as 1:13, because it will allow me to focus on details. Modeltrain in this scale runs on 45 mm gauge like LGB garden railway (1:22.5)

I invite you

to be my co-workers - Let's create a net-meeting place for mutual information, inspiration and support for narrow gauge enthusiasts from all over the world.

Everybody who is interested in Decauville 600 mm and 610 mm (2foot) narrow gauge live railways, or model railways is invited to take part of this website idea.

Dont hessitate to contact me: if you would like to be the editor for one of the other building scales.

I will start with model scale 1:13, cause Rome was not built in a day. Be patient out there - it will come bit by bit.

Please feel free... We all know that nobody is perfect, so if you have noticed any mistakes on this website, I would be most grateful for your comments. Feel free to drop some few words to:


Click on the link below to see my prototype-gallery


This locomotive is one out of three almost similar machines fromthe railway "Delary-Strömsnäsbruk", Sweden -an industrial railway. The name of the locomotive is "AUGUST SCHMITZ". This railway differs a little from the 600 mm as it is 643 mm gauge