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 "Elio Galessio", Peruvian Railways Historian

Elio Galessio's book about Peruvian Railways





 78n18 scale (1:13,7),

About modelling 18" railway

See also: "Simply 78ths" and "Talisman Castings"


 "Narrowgauge voie étroite"  


 "Skibsmodeller", Ship models





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 "The End of the World Train", Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuega, 500 mm Narrow Gauge (incredible)


 "Hedeland Vintage Railway", Live- and model steam


 "Narrow Tracks", Sn2 modellers

You will find excellent american 2foot model narrow gauge inspiration


 "Østsjællandske Jernbaneklub"

(East Zealands Railway Club)


 "Vejsende" (End of the road) Gallery 3 and 8 with interesting railway photos










to be my co-workers - Let's create a net-meeting place for mutual information, inspiration and support for narrow gauge entusiasts from

all over the world.


Everybody who is interested in Decauville 600 and 610 mm

(2 foot) narrow gauge live railways, or model railways is invited to take part of this website idea.





This locomotive is one out of three almost similar machines from

the railway "Delary-Strömsnäsbruk", Sweden -an industrial railway.

The name of the locomotive is "AUGUST SCHMITZ".

This railway differs a little from the 600 mm as it is 643 mm gauge